Who is Rae?

Raymond Maxwell Hite, Jr. was my grandfather. He was a special man who joined the Army Air Corp during WWII at the age of 14. He served as a gunner on a B-26 Marauder flying 25 missions and shooting down two German planes. At the age of 15, his age was discovered and he was given an honorable discharge and returned to the States. At the age of 17, he joined the Navy and later married my grandmother Mag and had four daughters, two of whom are blessed with the middle name Rae. At the age of 33, on May 18, 1961, Grandpa Ray died in a plane crash at White Sands, New Mexico, attempting to break the world’s low altitude speed record in the F-4 Phantom during Operation Sageburner. His love of his country and family was second to none. Integrity and service characterize my grandfather. It is the desire of RaesWear to carry on his name and exude the same characteristics for each of our customers.

For more information on my Grandfather, please read Tommy H Thomason’s blog here http://thanlont.blogspot.com/2016/01/in-memory-of-ensign-raymond-hite-jr.html.

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