About Us

Created on my need to carry more than one item in my leggings, RaesWear came to life in the summer of 2012. After being tired of not having a place to comfortably store my phone, id, hotel key and money when traveling out of town, I spent the next two years designing and testing fabrics for the perfect wraparound waistband pocket. In December 2014, the idea finally moved from concept to reality when we launched our website.

Since 2014, RaesWear has doubled sales year-over-year with women falling in love with the hands-free experience our products deliver. Today, our products are worn for every activity you can imagine, from running marathons to enjoying hands-free trips to the store. It has been rewarding to see the many uses our customers have for our products, but most exciting to us has been to see how our wraparound pocket has been used to store insulin pumps, EpiPens, and even inhalers; things we weren’t thinking about when we developed the 360° waistband pocket.

I continue to be excited about the future and I look forward to hearing more stories of how the freedom of not having to wear arm bands, fanny packs/belts, or purses is changing the quality of life for our customers, so please share your stories with us at info@raeswear.com.

Cheers –

Leigh Cockram


US Patent #9,021,615, 9,961,947 & D754,948 with others pending

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