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Experience Our 360° Waistband Pocket
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  • I love every piece of Raeswear that I own! I've even turned some of my exercise clothing into staples in my closet. Recently we were on vacation in Italy and I wore the skort for hands free and worry free (from pickpockets) sightseeing! And on a cool morning last weekend I wore the leggings for an early morning trip to the farmers market and an outdoor art show. I truly love my Raeswear!
  • Ever since I have started to run with my dog, my Raeswear is invaluable. I need my hands free for the leash but I can put my phone, keys, and baggies in my pants. I find I am washing them way too often and I need more pairs. They make my runs so much more manageable and they are incredibly comfortable as well. Love them!!
  • I simply love my RaesWear!! I own the skort and also the pants. I go to a lot of sporting events such as football games and golf tournaments where large purses are not allowed. RaesWear is perfect for this! Not only can you fit your phone in the Hands-Free waistband, you can also tuck in a lipstick and even a small hairbrush for those often necessary touch-ups! The material is high quality and luxurious feeling against the skin and not at all bulky. THANK YOU RaesWear for a great product!
  • I absolutely love my Raeswear!!! I wear it everyday whether I am exercising or running errands. They are so comfortable!! My favorite part of Raeswear is the hands free convenience!! I love not carrying a purse!! Thank you Raeswear!!!
  • Loved all of my Raeswear! The only skirt I've ever had that does not ride up or move even on long runs!
  • I'm on my second running skirt and I couldn't be happier! I added and inch to the shorts underneath and it was beyond perfect! No riding, shifting, or bunching! I had my phone, two Gu and my car keys in the pockets comfortably for this 6 mile race. One great thing I noticed is that even though you ran through fire hydrants (because it was soooo hot), no matter how soaked I was, the skirt never moved! Not up or down and everything in my pockets was still relatively dry! My skirt dried quickly and wore so well! Raeswear is quickly becoming a running favorite!!

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360° of safe and invisible storage for all of your essentials. Phones, keys, money, id, and more!