The Ultimate Roller Coaster

Let me get straight to it…if you do not enjoy the ups and downs of Roller Coasters, then you do not need to be an entrepreneur!

For three years (the first couple of months weren’t stressful since I was still toying with the idea of creating this pocket and clothes, etc.), since I took the leap into developing a brand and working to get my pocket patented, I have ridden on the most violent, crazy, scary roller coaster ever dreamed of being made. The highs and lows of being an entrepreneur are enough to literally make you sea sick and there are days that I talk myself into and out of moving forward with my business multiple times. And, do you know what is crazy, I still do this even after winning Under Armour’s Future Show Innovation Challenge, having customer validation through sales, and getting two patents issued. And, I know and am prepared that this will just be my life from now, second guessing decisions, waking up at 1:30 to sweating anxiety that I have no idea what I am doing, and finally giving it God so he can carry my burden and I can go back to sleep…only to wake up the next day energized, feeling like my nighttime worries were ridiculous, getting things done, making decisions and then feeling stressed, anxious, and doubtful all over again that night. Thank goodness God doesn’t mind hearing our worries (and praises) because I’m pretty sure if someone talked to me as much as I do Him, I would block their number from my phone and delete them on my Facebook page – that’s horrible I know, but true, I have more issues myself than to take on someone else’s and this is why God is God and I am Leigh-Leigh. 🙂

Anyway, I digress which is why I love writing a blog and not an article, I can write whatever I feel! Again, I digress, let’s get back to it. I love seeing stories of entrepreneurs where they are so happy, and smiling, and the stories are all about their amazing success and I have been guilty of that myself, but I promise you if I could interview them for a candid conversation, they would say the same thing I have just said – this experience is scary, exciting, and at times nauseating. But the feeling of small successes are wonderful just like relief felt when your feet the ground after a wild ride. Today I had a small success. Last night I was up for over an hour second guessing decisions I had made and while I woke up feeling better but not great, my attitude has completely changed by the compliments of two store clerks. These ladies commented on how cute my pants were (casual capris I am designing now) and I was able to tell them about my product and show them the pocket and they couldn’t believe it. That is a small success folks that brightened my attitude and day! Every time I hear positive comments, my spirit grows and all of the anxiety felt earlier in the day melts away. From this experience I have learned that giving someone a compliment may do more than I or you know…and, compliments are free to give and while what you get in return may not be much, what you give that person, group, organization, or company, has the opportunity to be significant. So, if you feel something positive, say it.

Tip of the Blog* – if you do not like facing unexpected challenges, feelings, and emotions, then entrepreneurship is not for you. And, if you are not passionate about your product, willing to lose hours of family time, personal time, and sanity, then you need to stick with your day job that provides a safe, comfortable, stable environment, because entrepreneurship is anything but stable and comfortable. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful and I love it, but it is only wonderful to those who can withstand the craziness of the journey. If you have the passion and gut to do follow your dreams and create your own business or product, then by all means go for it!! Life is too short to live in regret!

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