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As many of you know, I recently resigned from my full-time job to focus solely on RaesWear and growing Hands-Free clothing to the masses. I know it seems silly to some to be so passionate about a pocket, but the convenience and functionality of being Hands-Free while exercising, running errands, going out, and just hanging out has proven to be amazing to so many, not just me. Believe it or not, it is so freeing to leave the purse, arm band, wallet, and fanny pack/storage belt at home and go out carrying all that you need discretely, safely, comfortably, and most importantly fashionably in your waistband pocket! 🙂

You can read my story of how the idea came about on the About Us section of this website, so I won’t relive that moment here, rather what I want to do over the next few months (or years) is to give you an inside peek on the journey of RaesWear and on being an entrepreneur, mom, and wife. I plan to share with you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful moments I have gone through and I will go through in the future so three objectives can be met:

1. To document this journey

2. To help someone learn from my experience to so their entrepreneurial venture will be a bit easier

3. To inspire others that if I can do this, so can you – I am not special, don’t have a trust fund behind me to fall back, hell, I can’t even sew a button on, but I have a passion for my product and will ask a question, read, and google information like nobody else

So, check-in periodically to see my updates which may be written or video versions of what has been and is going on. And, each blog will end with a “Tip” from me that I have learned from my journey into this crazy world of entrepreneurship.

My Tip of the Blog*: If you have an idea, do NOT, share it with anyone other than close friends and family to get insight into the marketability of your product. If these folks like your idea and you have already googled to make sure it doesn’t exist in the marketplace, do a patent search at USPTO.GOV with general keywords (ex. waistband and pocket) to see what is already patented or patent pending (FYI – only published documents will show up, so there may be unpublished applications with your idea but you won’t know until it becomes public). Also, take a look at crowdfunding websites to see if anything has been published similar to your idea as all of these are considered prior art and you will have to ensure your patent application claims overcome these products while proving your idea is novel and not obvious to the examiner. Should you feel like you want to pursue patenting your idea, contact a patent attorney and work with them on an in-depth search, claims drafting, and professional drawings. Companies will steal your idea, protect yourself and get it patent-pending at least. Your attorney can help you decide if you want to file a provisional or non-provisional patent.

*I am not an attorney and this is my experience, some folks have been successful drafting their own claims, etc.

One Response to “Inside RaesWear

  • Sarah Fain
    5 months ago

    Hey Leigh-I had always been interested in your clothing but had never had the opportunity to try them. Yesterday I went to Chatmoss and was able to try on the capris. I wore them to class this morning and never had to tug or pull on them because they stayed where they were supposed to!
    Do you sell them anywhere in town? I am interested in the skorts.
    Thanks-Sarah (Fain)

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