Disappointments are part of it!

So, tonight I am bummed. I had submitted to a Pitchfest that would have given me two months of mentoring with an experienced entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or someone of that caliber which would be very good for me (I think at least). But, I was not selected as one of the finalists and  while I do truly wish those that made it to the final round, the very best and much success I am a bit irritated with the two comments I received from the judges that were hindrances to my application:

1. I need to get more traction and build a strong growth plan

2. Good job with my patent portfolio, but I may need to defend it in the future due to competition/infringers

So, what bugs me about these comments? Well, for starters, the first comment reminds me of when I was looking for a job out of college (entry level mind you) and people would say, “I like you, but you don’t have any experience”. Well, how was I going to have experience when I just graduated college? And, isn’t this an entry-level job that is for people without experience in this field? That answer/comment has always been irritating to me and it is also why the first comment irks me now…I completely agree I need more traction and a stronger growth plan, but if I had that then I wouldn’t need to apply for mentoring!!!!!!!!

The second bullet irritates me even more…so what, having a patent and having to defend it (of which I know I will have to do as that is part of getting IP) is a negative?? Should I have just invented this waistband pocket that no one else has even remotely thought of and given it to the world without securing a patent for it would that have been better than to get IP protection? I just really don’t understand this comment at all.

So, while I am bummed (if you can’t tell), I also have to realize a few things:

1. Things happen for a reason and this isn’t meant to be. God has other plans and while things may not go my way, I know they will go the way the are supposed to and I have to learn to be patient with receiving His favor. Being disappointed is part of this journey, so I have to learn to deal with it (I am getting better at it, not sure if this is a good thing or not – lol).

2. I know people going through major life struggles and issues right now and not being selected for a competition for my business is not going to make or break me, my business, my family, or my friends…so, life is still great! I have to put things into the proper perspective and yes, this is a bummer, it is not a devastating life changing event.

3. The fact that companies offer mentoring to start-ups is still amazing, and while I wasn’t picked, I appreciate the fact that this organization is willing to put together this type of program for companies like mine. More companies should do this and when I make it, I will remember this and pull together a team of folks to offer the same :).

Tip of the Blog – Do not let disappointments set you back, steal your passion, or stall your progress! You will have these, and you will have family and friends that will disappoint you, be naysayers, not support you (this will be another blog – do not open a business relying solely on family and friends to support you), but that is okay…take these bumps in the road and use them for motivation to reach your goal/mission. Stay focused, positive, and determined and see what happens – that is what I am going to do ;).

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